Special Achievements

Inspire Award organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology aims to attract talented students to undertake science studies at an early stage and build the base of our Nation with a long-term foresight. The students who got selected for this award are – Sheerapthini S.D., Hashmuki.M, Lakshmi Priya, Aravind Swaminathan, who went for the training programme at BSNL Training Centre, Marai Malai Nagar in the month of September 2012.

Excellence in Academics

Our achievement in Std X and Std XII Board Exam in March 2012 was outstanding. The result in Std
X and Std XII Board exam, March 2012 was cent percent with high scores.
In Std XII the top score was 1161/1200 and 7 centums.
In Std X the top score was 487/500 and 3 centums.
Students who got state level marks in Std XII and X Board Exams with centum scores are:

In Std XII
1) Prasanna – Commerce and Business Maths.
2)Pavithra.J – Business Maths.
3)Noorjahan.S – Business Maths.
4) Revathy.K – Maths.
5)Sriram.M.S – Maths.
6)Selva Prakash – Maths.
In Std X
1) Abirami. S – Sanskrit and Science.
2) Shalini. K – Science.

Best All rounder Award

Among the city students “Award of Excellence” for the Academic year 2011-2012 was received by Aravind Swaminathan of Std XI from Probus club, an association of retired professionals businessmen and Government servants.


“The International Award for the Young”, is instituted for the all-round development in children. Students have been trained for this award for the past 7 last years. 14 students qualified for Bronze, 9 for Silver and 8 for Gold medals.

Scouts and Guides Movement

It has been two decades since the scouts and Guides movement started at school. Every year students attend camp and win prizes. Our school received “Actively performed unit Award” 2011-2012 under the able guidance of our guide captain Mrs.N.S.Alamelu. Our Scouts and guides participated in the Patriot Leaders Training camp trip at Ooty and Connor. Highlights of the camp were training and learning subjects helping students to move from Pravesh level to Rashtrapati. Scouts and Guides made a hike trip from Ashok pillar Girls Hr. Sec. School to St. Thomas Mount. It gave them insight on mapping about the places while hiking.


Hasan Ali.S of Std XI secured the 2nd position at the State level. At District Level, under 13 categories, Gayathri.K.R. of Std IX stood first & Rahul.S of Std IX & Parimala. C of IX won the second place respectively.

National level Participation

Keshav Bharadwaj.L of Std XII was selected to participate in football at the National level in Goa.

State level Participation

Diana Abi of Std X was selected for Tennis, at the state level, Venkatragavan.D of Std VIII, a chess player, is also selected at the state level. Ananthalakshmi.S of Std IX secured the 3rd place at the state level in English Olympiad.

Higher Secondary Toppers

2012PRASANNA M1161/1200
2011SUBASHINI  S R1176/1200
2010BHAVANI SHANKAR  S1172/1200
2009BADRI NARAYAN  R1157/1200
2008DURGALAKSHMI  R1161/1200
2007CHIDAMPARAM  P L1127/1200
2006ARUN KUMAR  K1143/1200
2005ASWIN SRINIVASAN  N1133/1200
2004 VIJAYALAKSHMI  R1144/1200
2003SATHESH  M1159/1200
2002SUJATHA SHANKAR1163/1200

Matriculation Toppers

2012ABIRAMI S487/500
2011ABHINAYA  K474/500
2010PRASANNA  M473/500
2009SUBASHINI  S R471/500
2008AKILA   R469/500
2007SARANYA  B1127/1100
2006RAVI TEJA  K0981/1100
2005SHANKARSHANA  J1030/1100
2004RASHMI  S1021/1100
2003JAYANTHI  C1016/1100
2002HARISH  K1040/1100