Department of Kindergarten

Co-Ordinator's Message

Everyone should act up to the motto: Ever help never hurt. Every educated person should engage himself or herself in selfless service to society with humility and a pure heart. All academic distinctions or even observance of spiritual practices are of no use if there is no love in the heart. Help rendered, however small, if it comes from the deeper urges of service dwelling in the heart is as good as the offer of life itself.

Our KG Department is going to emphasize this Theme for this academic year through various activities in the school.

The first step was started with this ”Thirsty fox” story

” A hungry fox saw a bunch of grapes.
He jumped and jumped but could not get it.
Squirrel wanted to help the fox.
He plucked some grapes and dropped it.
Fox ate the grapes and thanked the squirrel.

Which was beautifully narrated with the model during our assembly by our KG children about how the squirrel helped the fox.


Developing communication skill

Listening comprehension Developing communication skill

  • Make them understand what they hear through conversation. using audio tapes and Cd’s
  • Narrating stories and asking them questions
  • Develop accuracy of their understanding by making them respond in a single word to some questions, especially ” why” & “how” and also make them ask some questions.


Classroom recreation through enacting of stories.

Make them express themselves through creative drama and project works.
Make them to read simple sentence


To show interest in books (Showing colourful pictorial books)

Conducting activity using Flashcards.

  • Make them read the word.
  • Make them match the word with the picture.
  • Memory testing game.
  • Sentence making.


Make an effort to read by themselves

  • Giving small story books with simple sentences.
  • Sending home small story books during weekends to motivate them to read more stories.
Arranging parental motivation programme every term
June2009 Meeting the parents individually by the class teacher and informing about the timings and system to be followed for the First month.
July 2009 Sending circular regarding the rules and regulations to be followed
August Conducting parental meeting by the class teacher during open day regarding “How to assist the child at home”
October Beginning of the II term. Meeting the parents individually by the class teacher to develop the progress of the student if necessary.
November Children’s day programme for the parents through some games with their wards.
January 2010 III Term meeting with the parents by the class teachers regarding the kid’s progress.
February 2010
April 2010 Graduation Day
ECA  (Personality development through ECA)
  • Make them participate in more competitions
  • Teaching slokas, Bharathiyar songs and Thirukkural
  • Conducting project on our theme “Ever help Never hurt”
  • Narrating stories  every Friday  with moral value using models
  • Role play about Janmashtami
  • Thematic presentation for our school functions like Navarathiri, Annual day, Children’s day, Christmas, Pongal and Graduation.
  • Developing our Traditional games introduced.



The tiny tots of our School displayed innovative and imaginative project on Krishna Jayanthi. The topic was “, Azhvaarkal muthal Adiyavar varai particularly chosen to describe the bhakti towards Lord Krishna.
Lord Vigneshwara, the remover of all hurdles is remembered on Vinayaka Chaturthi day. Our kids enjoyed the celebration. Lord Vinayaka is greeted by his beloved parents Lord Shiva, Parvathi along with Brahma the creator & Lord Vishnu the protector.
Through this children are able to acquire the spirit of Bakthi in their blood and improve the communication skill.


To know the district of Tamil Nadu, One of the themes chosen for the festival by KG department  was “Importance of Thirunelveli.” Thirunelveli a renowned city wherein flowsThamirabarani is known for its multifaceted culture which was reflected in the showcased items.


Crackers are an inevitable part of the festival. But however, they have to be handled properly to avoid any fire hazards. So Our KG Department taught the children few simple but very important steps to burst crackers safely for a safe Diwali. Greeting cards and sweets were distributed to the children.

"A Festive look, on Children’s Day."

An inter-school competition was conducted for drawing, colouring, Fancy dress and Recitation, to promote the inherent talents of the Tiny Tots, and the prizes were distributed on children’s day.


Singing songs praising God, listening to moral stories, reading and reflecting upon spiritual texts are given importance in this month. Practicing and adopting this, in our daily routine increases our mind power. Knowledge, wisdom, the concentration of mind are the benefits. Our school in its endeavour to inculcate devotion in the young minds had prompted the students of each section to recite a Tiruppavai pasuram and the KG department recently did it and received many accolades.The Marghazi month dedicated to the Lords of our universe was highlighted through Pavai Nonbu.


It was a Christmas and New Year celebration with a difference.Christ stood for love, Love includes loving our Dear Earth where we are given our place of survival.
While the entire world is talking about global warming it was the KG and primary students of our school who came out with a thematic presentation “Be kind to our environment.” It was a Christmas message with a difference – To ensure the security of our future from Global warming, to inculcate the habit of planting saplings and to celebrate the centenary celebration of Mother Teresa, a play was enacted by the children of KG and primary section. A Primary student came in the attire of Mother Teresa and conveyed the message – “Be kind to our environment” to the audience. Finally, New Year oath was taken by our children which emphasised,  on helping our society by keeping our environment clean…


The 42nd Annual day of our School was celebrated at Eswari Engineering college Ramapuram on January 8th. Our chancellor Mr.T.R.Pachamuthu SRM University, presided over the function. Kavipperarasu Vairamuthu was the chief guest.  Mr Vinaitheerthan, SRM School of Teacher Education and Research, gave the felicitation address.Cultural programs were presented by the children.The semmozhi dance was well received. The performance of K.G. students based on “Tamil Letters” was enjoyed by all.The kids were encouraged by the applause from the audience.
Art and craft work done by our students were exhibited in our art and craft exhibition on 26th January 2011.

PONGAL FESTIVAL: Fancy Dress by Pre.KG

The different attires they wore, to bring out the concept of “uzhavukkum thozhilukkum vandanai seivom” was the prime attraction, which imparted the importance of Harvest Festival. Small pots were distributed to the parents wherein they exhibited their talents by painting and decorating the pots.


Our school children participated and won many prizes in  various competitions like Storytelling, drawing, handwriting, action rhymes, fancy dress and Quiz conducted by our school

Indoor activities

Green day, Milky Day, Toy day, Red day are also Conducted to stress the identification of colors. These activities leave the child a sense of achievement and confidence that stems from independent learning.

Achievements outside the campus.

Our school students participated in Children’s day competition of Chutty T.V which was telecast on 14.11.2010. Master sirnajeevi, represented the KG department to show that SRM not only encouraged the tradition but also inculcated patriotism in the minds of little buds.


Three Students of U.K.G were given all-rounder award for 2009 -10. The winners were given “Book fee waiver”.
The following Students are the recipient of various awards for the academic year 2010-11.


Social skills Writing skills
Motor skills Mathematics concepts
Reasoning & concept development Science
Language skills Creative arts & music
Reading skills Social studies