Extraordinary Achievements in Last Two Years


2016 – 2017 CENTUM SCORERS  (HSC ):8

2016 – 2017 CENTUM SCORERS  (SSLC ):2

2017 – 2018 CENTUM SCORERS  (HSC ):4

OLYMPIAD (2016-2017 ): Science-1

OLYMPIAD (2017-2018 ): Maths-2

Smart Classroom

Extra-Curricular activities



 SCOUTS (2016-2017):8

 SCOUTS (2017-2018 ):7

NSE FUNANCIAL QUEST: Nishanthi.M 2016-2017 –Angel guide award

Swediha sri  .G.R  2017-2018 –Angel guide award

  • School is awarded for maximum participant in “SMILE CHENNAI” Guinness World record- an event of Dental awareness.
  • Quality circle forum India Student chapter (QCFI) of SRM Nightingale School presented their project on “Communication skill “ in Anand Institute of Technology and received distinction award.
  • Tamilnadu Private schools Association awarded “BEST SCHOOL AWARD” on 5th
  • May2018 during state level conference.
  • 2nd Place in Inter-school competition on the project Vision 2020 -M.Nishvanthi & M.Gokul of V at Annai Velankanni MHSS.
  • 2nd Place in Chennai 2000+ event for various music competitions.
  • Our students won the cash award in International Science Festival 2017 held at Anna University.

Sports and others outdoor activities

  1. L.Rohith of std XII C – 1st place in 100mts in the D-zone competition and was selected for districts.
  1. D.Shruthi of std XII C  –  2nd place in Badminton organized by Chennai sports Academy.
  1. L.Rohith of STD XII C – 2nd place in 100mts conducted by the Rotary club.
  2. K.Vishnu of std XII A – 3 rd place in long jump in D-zone competition.
  3. L.Rohith of std XII C bagged 3 rd place in 100mts in the district level.
  4. J.Jafais XII A, K.Vishnu XII A, S.Kalendar Azarudeen XII B, L.Rohith XII C secured 1st place in Relay at D-zone Competition.
  1. Hareesh V.Soundar of XI A – 1st place in silambattam at National level.
  2. R.B.Bhagath IX B – 1st place in karate at district level.
  3. P.Raphael of V A – 3 rd place in karate at district level.

10.A.Kishore of VII A – 1st place in karate at district level.

  1. R.Jagadeesh of VII B – 3 rd place in karate at district level.
  2. M.Sivakumar of V B – 3 rd place in yoga at D-zone level.
13. K.Jagadeesh VI A Skating State level
14.R.Jagadeesh VI B Karate District level
15.A.Sabarish VI B Karate District level
16.S.Sunil VII A Karate District level
17.R.vamsi Krishna Karate All India level
18.C.S.Manojgaran VII A Karate State level
20.M.Pranitha VII B Skating State level
21.R.B.Bhagath VIII B Karate State level
22.R.Kishore Karthick VIII B Karate State level
23.M.Madhulika IX A Skating National level
24.R.Vignesh IX Skating State level
25.C.S.Vasigaran X A Karate State level
26.K.Shyam X Karate State level
27.B.Jagadeesh X B Chess State level
28.K.Hariprasath XI C Throw ball

Shot put

National District level
29.L.Rohith XI C Athletics District level
30.D.Venkataraghavan XII A Chess State level
31.C.Soorya XII A Volley ball Zonal level


XII C Cricket  District level 5th division player
  1. Hari prasaath of XI C – 1st position in the throw ball in the club match and Secured 2nd position in senior division Independence Day cup.
  1. I.Mukesh – 3rd place in 3000 metres at zonal level
  2. L.Rohith – 2nd place at zonal level in 100 meters.

36. D.Shruthi – 1st place in Badminton organized by Chennai Sports Academy.