1. Generally, withdrawals are not permitted except at the end of the year, unless such a withdrawal is warranted by the transfer of parent/Guardian.
  2. A week notice in writing is required for the withdrawal of a pupil.
  3. Parents applying for Transfer Certificate must send the requisition letter on or before 28th February 2017.
  4. Transfer certificate will be issued only to those who have paid the fees, returned library books and settled all other dues.
  5. The school authorities the right to disrupt the continuance of any pupil whose conduct in their opinion is not satisfactory.
  6. Assessment of the student conduct is based on the following parameters.

– Not in proper uniform/lacking in personal hygiene.

– Not bringing books and notebooks.

– Arriving late.

– Showing disrespect to teachers.

– Frequent absence without prior permission.

Conduct certificate will also be issued based on the same.