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Our Pledge

– I solemnly pledge my sincere duty and devotion to my motherland

– I shall endeavour to harness all my talents towards the progress and the prosperity of my beloved country

– I shall work tirelessly to eradicate poverty hunger and ignorance

– To this end, I shall make the best use of my education and the opportunity to make my parents, teachers and my country proud

– I call upon my brothers and sisters to join me in preserving the natural resources and environment for posterity

– I seek the blessings of God to bestow me with wisdom and courage to achieve my goal through selfless service

– I pledge wholeheartedly to make myself a better person and to look upon all my brethren equally without prejudice to caste, colour or creed

– Unto this, let the heaven bless me and my fellowmen

Our School Song

“Nightingale School we praise you
Our Alma mater dear,
Though creeds and tongues may differ,
We stand united here,
Nightingale we adore you
The School that makes us great,
You spread your wings of knowledge
For life it’s power indeed
Onward we march proclaiming
Truth, honour, hope and light
Nightingale we adore you
The school that makes us great”

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