Teaching & Learning:

Nightingale School follows a pedagogical system that is based on the principles of holistic development of every child who enters our portals. Samacheer Curriculum complies with Teaching and learning strategies revolve around Cognitive, Psychomotor and affective domains of learning.

Strategies involved are objective based learning activities that make students ‘do’ in the process of learning. Learning objectives guide the learner to know what he/she intends to do with what has been learnt and focus on setting individual learner pathways and priorities. The objects of learning are: Lessons from text books, digital resources and research projects. Attempts are made to provide authentic learning experiences that suit individual learning style and levels of achievement.

Assessment of learning is formative in nature throughout the Kindergarten and primary school and a combination of Formative and Summative assessments through middle and high school. Specific strategies and techniques are used in measuring progress of individual student’s knowledge, the ability to apply that knowledge to real world situations, critically reflect on acquired knowledge and communicate results effectively adding value to the knowledge gained.

 “Teaching and learning opportunities at Nightingale aim at enhancing Value based LIFE Skills, Positive Attitude and Creative Thinking along with Social and Emotional wellbeing”.




  • The Kindergarten have assessment after every unit that is done in class and face a consolidated worksheet periodically.

Classes  I to VIII

  • All major assessment answer sheets will have to be duly signed by the parent.
  • The school does not put pressure of Examinations on the young minds. Day to day progress is the criteria for assessing the performance of the child.

Class IX and X

Class XI and XII

  • No retest will be conducted under any circumstances.
  • Average marks may be awarded to a student under the following conditions:
    • Medical unfitness and advised bed rest by the registered medical practitioner.
    • Death of an immediate family member.
    • Authorized representation of school in a competition.

General Note

  1. Promotion criteria for low achievers on medical grounds / participation at the national level competitions etc. will be decided by the school.
  2. If a holiday is declared on the scheduled Assessment day, the same will be conducted after the last day of the Assessment.
  3. Absence from assessments is strictly discouraged and will not be considered without a genuine reason.
  4. Cheating, helping another student or including in any other malpractice in an examination disqualifies the student for the whole examination.
  5. Absence of students and non-attendance of parents on ‘Open House Day’ will result in the Report being retained till a future date which will be intimated to parents.
  6. School diary must be brought to school every day, failing which, strict action will be taken.

Grading criteria

Promotion is based on the day -to-day work of the student throughout the year and also on the performance in the assessments.

Academic awards

  • Scholar’s Badge

A student is declared a scholar from class I –IX , in case he/she secures 80 % in all the scholastic subjects.

  • Subject Proficiency

A student who secures the highest marks in all the sections of a particular class in a particular subject in an academic session will be eligible for the subject proficiency award.

  • General Proficiency

A student who secures highest aggregate percentage in all the sections of a particular class in an academic session will be eligible for the general proficiency award.

  • Full Attendance Award

Students attending the school from the first day of the academic session to the last day of the Summative without a single day of absence will be eligible for the Full Attendance Award.

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