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SRM Nightingale School celebrates its 50th Year of Educational Excellence – Golden Jubilee Celebrations featuring the students and staff from SRM Nightingale Matriculation Hr Sec School, SRM Easwari Engineering College, SRM SEAD & SRM IST with incredible performances and programs showcasing the talents of our students.
Be a part of the grand celebrations on 27th & 28th of August 2018 at SRM IST, Ramapuram Campus.


We aim to create an environment of academic freedom that promotes holistic education and providing a unique learning experience that encourages students to become lifelong knowledge seekers.


Educational Excellence is what the SRM Group strives to achieve through all its ventures in the academic field. The school aims to nurture the students to meet the challenges of life, creatively and enthusiastically.


We are constantly working towards bringing the highest quality of education to our students. We believe our meticulous teaching methods can shape students into the best versions of themselves.

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Golden Jubilee Celebration Schedule

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